jessa gillespie




This exhibition investigates the site of the object in contemporary painting and sculpture. Current shifts in exhibition practices often cater to various digital platforms. Artists have responded to these changes, often manipulating the form and content of their work to privilege the digital image. material™ looks to the physical condition of the works presented, to the visceral qualities of three-dimensional form that escape the camera’s reach. Jacob Dutton and Thomas Weir embrace this physicality, and by extension the affective qualities of objectivity, through an investigation into the ways objects often ground our subjectivity and experiences. To view a painting by Thomas Weir is to experience the paint’s sculptural quality grossly foregrounding our view of the image. Jacob Dutton’s sculptures undermine standardized production models through a gestural approach to object-making. The works in material™ leave nothing but marks inflected with, but uncontainable by, experiences of contemporary vision oversaturated with images.

Jacob Dutton is an artist whose work uses various physical and digital media to explore an interest in semiotics of material and systems of representation. He is particularly interested in the role that these play in conceptualizing the body and erasing its physical presence. By tracing the figure as a set of negatives seen in the marks left by the body’s movement, Dutton looks to question how bodily capacities are formed, and examines the generative possibilities of re-thinking these capacities through material. Dutton recently graduated from his BFA at the University of Alberta and shortly following this, his first solo exhibition, Mint Condition opened at Five Art & Merchandise in Calgary, Alberta in May.

Thomas Weir is an artist from Edmonton, where he is enrolled in the BFA program at the University of Alberta. He is currently focusing on painting, sculpture and installation. His work references a variety of themes, from those existing in popular culture to specific markers of his own life. By referencing universally recognizable themes, he hopes to provide the viewer with an initial means of entry to his work, where they can then reflect on the personal significance of the subject matter. Weir has most recently exhibited his work at The New Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, in a show a book a happening, curated by Pidgin Collective.


On display at Latitude 53 in Edmonton, Alberta from June 13-23, 2018. 

Curated by Jessa Gillespie & Daniel Walker.