jessa gillespie



2013-2018    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), University of Alberta



2017-2018   The Lost Garden: Exploring Audio in Interactive Spaces - Research Assistant (front end development) for Scott Smallwood at the University of Alberta

2017-2018   dc3 Art Projects – Gallery Assistant (publication content, curation, art handling, bookshop curation)

2016   Neue Galerie Berlin – Intern (administration, art handling)



2018   Guest Lecturer at the University of Alberta - Art and/in the Anthropocene taught by Natalie Loveless

2016-2018    Member of The Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLAB led by Natalie Loveless

2017    Member of the Interactives Group at the University of Alberta led by Scott Smallwood and Geoffrey Rockwell

2013-2017    Founding Chairperson of the Youth Empowerment Grant Program through the Edmonton Community Foundation

2016-2017    Vice President External of the Visual Arts Students Association

2016-2017    Editorial Board of the Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate Journal - Spaces Between

2015-2016    Social Events Coordinator of the Visual Arts Students Association

2015-2016    Executive Member of the Feminists at the University of Alberta

2014-2015    Editorial Board of the Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate Journal - Spaces Between

2014-2015    Representative of the Visual Arts Students Association  

RESIDENCIES (upcoming)

2019    Participant in the Residency Unlimited program, New York



2018   Latitude 53 (Edmonton, AB) - material™

2017   Vignettes Building (Edmonton, AB) - Self Disclosures



2018   Mile Zero – Dirt Buffet Cabaret

2017   dc3 Art Projects - Hour Glaze

2017   Vignettes Building - Self Disclosures

2017   The Works Gallery – Hibernaculum

2017   FAB Gallery – Between Us: Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition

2017   SNAP Gallery – Lasting Impressions

2017   Scott Gallery – Mind, Body, Context

2017   Rutherford Galleria – Invitations

2016   Latitude 53 – A Kind of Space

2016   Art Gallery of Alberta – Small Spaces/Big Ideas

2016   Latitude 53 – Parka Patio Art Auction

2016   Latitude 53 – Carepackage Launch

2016   Latitude 53 – Bridging Encounters

2015   SNAP - Member's Show and Sale

2015   Telus Centre - University of Alberta Art and Design Auction

2015   The Drawing Room - Park(ing) Day Installation 


2018   Double Happiness Projects (Toronto, ON) – Treating Otherwise with Bradley Necyk

2018   FAB Gallery (Edmonton, AB) – Telling Stories Otherwise with Bradley Necyk



2017    As.iz Magazine Volume 2: The Future – Featured Artist



2019   SNAPLine - After much consideration, Tomorrow has Not been Cancelled. 

2018   Akimbo - Li Salay at the Art Gallery of Alberta

2018   dc3 Art Projects website – Zachari Logan: ‘the body, the self’

2018   dc3 Art Projects website – A Conversation with Cindy Baker

2018   dc3 Art Projects website – Collaboration, Commitment, & Context

2018   dc3 Art Projects website - Shan Kelley: What Comes with Disclosing

2017   dc3 Art Projects website – Dana Dal Bo: What We Choose to Disclose 

2017   dc3 Art Projects website – With Evergon and Jean-Jacques Ringuette: The Chromogenic Curmudgeons

2017   dc3 Art Projects website – The Arch: A Conversation with Travis McEwen

2016   Latitude 53 Blog - On Chun Hua Catherine Dong's, To Begin



2017    A Florence Andison Friedman Award

2017    Nominee for the BMO 1st National Art Competition

2017    Golden Key Member

2016    A Universiade ’83 Scholarship

2016    Natalka Horeczko Scholarship in Painting and Print-Design

2016    Roger S. Smith Research Award

2016    Golden Key Member

2016    e3 Berlin Summer Program

2016    Education Abroad Individual Award

2016    Jason Lang Scholarship

2016    ATCO Student Bursary

2015    Golden Key Member

2015    Jason Lang Scholarship

2015    ATCO Student Bursary

2014    ATCO Student Bursary

2013    Alexander Rutherford Scholarship