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self disclosures

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self disclosures

Curated by Jessa Gillespie and Daria Nordell, the exhibition included work from Leila Plouffe, Brad Fehr, Jacob Dutton, Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann, Clare Grehan, Charles Gonsalves, Aja Moore, Larissa Pham, Alasdair, Mathew Thomson, Wei, Inès Panizzi, Theodore Fox, Isabelle Kuzio, Nathan Levasseur, T.J. MacLachlan, Michelle Duchamp, Caitlin McCann, and Megan Gnanasihamany. The work explores affective communication, with each artist/group of artists acting as agents of emotive inclusivity. Themes of vulnerability, intimacy, oppressive behavioural norms, and interpersonal relations are reoccurring throughout this exhibition.

Self Disclosures was made possible by the Edmonton Community Foundation and The Works Art & Design Festival. It was open to the public from June 22nd - July 2nd, 2017.


Featured below are works by Jacob Dutton, Leila Plouffe, and a collaborative project by Nathan Levasseur and T.J. MacLachlan.